Our attempt at a Christmas Eve family picture

After many attempts at getting a family photo this is all we have to offer. Three people behind the camera trying to figure out this new digital thing and three un cooperative kids in front of the camera just confirmed that having a decent family picture might be an unattainable goal. At least I have everyone in one picture now. Needs some cropping but since I am borrowing a computer it will have to wait. I even have my boys in matching shirts. I'm still not sure if thats really dorky or cute. but I found both their sizes so I thought it would be fun to dress them up for the Christmas eve service. We had the privaledge of going to a large church (the one my husbands family goes to) for a beautiful Christmas eve service. The music was wonderful complete with a small orchestra. The kids really enjoyed it. Roman , my budding (wanna be) musician loved the violins. The funny part was some of the teens came out and played a song on glasses full of water. There was about 4 of them all playing in unison. It was great. Roman was amazed and asked "Could we do that at Grandmas house?!" I replied he'd better ask Grandma.

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