Christmas pictures

Aili and her Dad playing a new game ""pictureka" . Aili is our game girl.
Roman discovering the joy of "Bionicles" for the first time. A cross between lego and robots....he loves them! Perfect.

This is out of place but I forgot to put it with the last rock climbing photo. This one was cute so I had to throw it in. That look on his face..."see ya!"

It didn't take long for Silas to really get into this present opening business. The next morning he went to the tree asking to open more presents. Fortunately for him his Birthday is coming up next month and he will have a present opening encore. While at my in-laws house I have been scouring through old family photos. If you ever wondered what Nathanael looked like at age two just look at Silas. I could see a lot of his daddy in him but it wasn't until I looked at Nathanaels baby pictures that I knew how much of a little clone he actually is!...even the wispy hair.

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