Washington Vacation Pictures

The order of the pictures is a little backwards but here are some of our first couple days of our winter road trip. Nathanael went to a SeaHawks game the day after we arrived. It was a little crazy as all those people you see in the stadium then went to the train (Sounder) to attempt to get home in the snow. He made it home after navigating through an enormous chaotic snowball fight.
Here is some of the gorgeous scenery we drove through on our way to WA. It was beautiful. VERY cold here.

The kids watching a movie. I thank God for portable DVD players, they have revolutionized road trips and have greatly reduced the number of children getting dropped off on the side of the road. *
(*unofficial survey with no accurate data)

Sparwood BC. The "Big Truck". We stop for a picture every time we drive through. I think the last one was when Roman was a baby though. We started the tradition when Aili was 6 weeks old.

My brood is getting too big to all fit in the giant tire though. Silas was a little bewildered and cold. It was -32 c so the photo session was very quick as you can see they are hardly dressed for -32c weather.

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