gory picture retry

Sorry about the pictures. I had trouble getting the last post to post properly, I saw the pictures on there once from my computer but apparently they are not working again. I'll blame it on our pathetic dial up internet. By the way we are hoping to have highspeed by Christmas! There are specials right now on getting set up with Satelite or trying to go through a Rogers tower 7 miles away. We will try the tower first for a free trial period and see if it will work here....if not we'll get set up and share satelitte with our neighbors. Either way I should be joining the 21st century any day now....finally I will get to watch all those little videos attached to blogs and will be able to hear my own music. This won't be helpful with the blog addiction I seem to be developing but at least my phone line won't always be busy!

Here's the picture you've all been waiting for. All together now....EWWWW.

Here he is smoking a candy cane, he didn't let it leave his lips until it was gone. That is a lot of red and green drool by the way. It got him through the xrays that came next though.

Nathanael told me he was going to make ear rings for me out of these. Fingers crossed for Christmas. Just kidding, thats gross people! Aili took them for show and tell this morning though, hopefully they make them home again....gotta make room in the baby book for them.
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Jobina said...

Much better! Poor little guy! Those pins are keepers.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I want to see the earrings. Boy, he much be tough, it looks so painful. Thank you for stopping by to visit Annabel's site and the sweet things you say.
Cathy (Annabel's mom)