Winter Road Trip

Last Friday we packed up the truck ,stuffed our kids in the back seat and headed out. We are spending Christmas with Nathanaels family in Auburn Washington. Which is about 20 hours of driving from the Canadian Prairie. As we drove down the icy highway in the dark with snow blowing all around us we questioned our decision but turned on the 4 wheel drive an settled in. For most of the way (even through areas that don't usually get that cold) the temperatures were between -30 - - 37. VERY VERY cold in case you have never experienced that kind of cold. Its not a burrr I'm chilly kind of cold its a AHHHHK my skin is freezing off! kind of cold. You definately don't want to get a flat tire in that weather. The highways were a bit sketchy but we are used to winter driving, after all we drive in snow 7 months out of the year. We made it to Fernie BC for the first night and gawked and lusted after the ski hills all around us. We stayed in a little motel...but it had a tiny pool (you had to walk out side to get to it though) so the kids were thrilled. We swam off some energy and slept for a few hours.

Silas woke up bright and early about 4.30 BC time and 3.30 WA. time. So we loaded up (thankful that we had brought an extension cord to plug the truck in over night) and hit the road. We kept hearing that a big winter blizzard was supposed to hit the WA. mountain passes by mid afternoon so we were trying to beat the weather to Grandmas house. Coming from Canada we hear "blizzard" and picture violent winds, white out conditions and frigid temperatures. We made it by driving 11 hours with only 2 bathroom/ gas breaks. Thats a lot of sitting for 3 little kids but they did amazing. I think they are a bit used to our road trips. Turns out the "blizzard" in Auburn amounted to some gently falling snow and a "icy artic blast" of 31f...thats a degree below freezing for all you non-americans. To be fair, I hear the wind kicked up a bit in the mountain passes along with the snow so I'm glad we were at our destination.

So after checking the weather at home today (-37c plus a 20km wind) we are enjoying the winter wonderland in Western Washington. The snow actually sticks here....and it is falling straight down instead of sideways! What a novelty.
Snow is actually a novelty here too. Its a pretty rare occurance. Everyone is hunkered down and waiting out the "storm".....boy that would be a long wait in Canada :)

We are going to take the kids and do something fun today. Haven't decided what yet but we might have to phone around and see if anything is even open.....there is snow you know.
Nathanael went to the Seahawks game yesterday while the kids and I hung out and recovered fromt he 2 hour time change and 20 hour drive. So this morning Daddy is present and its mommy's turn for a break. Besides, my Mother in law has highspeed!! Its so fun to look up peoples blogs and actually get to hear their music and see their photos and videos. A person could get used to this. I have some winter road trip pictures to share but since I am using someone elses computer they will have to wait until we are home.

Merry Christmas!!!


srempel said...

Glad to hear you made it safely...Merry Christmas

Valen said...

Brave souls! We decided to stay in Canada this Christmas, it's been a quieter, gentler time. But you guys have a wonderful time, hug all the Burlandos for us!! Carol