Monkey boy and a Date with Daddy.

Aili has needed some dressy clothes for a while so her and I set out bargain shopping today. The poor economic state of this country made for some desperate retail establishments (a.k.a good sales). We decided it was our patriotic duty to shop. Well, a cheap Canadian buying out the clearance rack isn't exactly a bail out package, but we've done our part ;)

She had to find the "perfect dress". Aili wanted a formal fancy dress to wear on her date with her Daddy. We found Christmas dresses on for 50% off and got a great price for a very nice elegant dress. Oh ,and she got her ears pierced the same day to surprise him too. They both got dressed up fancy and went out for dessert at Red Robin. As you can see they enjoyed a few desserts.

Nathanael told me later that they brought the big chocolate pie to them for free. I whispered to later that night that the people at the restaurant thought she was SO beautiful that they brought her free dessert. She just beamed and said "Really ?!".

After dessert her and Daddy went to the mall and went to a big girls clothes store and she picked out a cute sweater ( reg. $30 on for $5....I just had to brag). She came home absolutely beaming.

I think it was just the attention she needed. She has been expressing more insecurity and has been somewhat self critical lately. You know that age, the teeth get bigger than a face requires and a sort of gangly awkwardness sets in for a while......ok it was a long while for me....I did grow into my teeth though. Every girl needs to feel like a princess sometimes.

I think little dates with Dad help her learn how a beautiful lady needs to be treated and sets the bar pretty high for the future. We are an hour and a half away from a decent restaurant or mall at home so its fun to take advantage of city life while we are on vacation.
Here is my monkey boy in his glory. Roman climbed and climbed and climbed. They let him have a really long turn. When he would get down low enough for the guy to reach him he would scurry back up to the top. It went on and on....fortunately it was only our family and some friends at the wall. It was fun. Its a long way up there past the picture. He did an amazing job at finding the right holds and using his body the right way. Of course his former rock climber Dad ( Nathanael lived for Rock Climbing as a teen...and WA is great for that!) and former wall climbing mom ( loved it in college, but the flat lands aren't so good for real rocks) where analyzing each move from the ground. I wonder if there is a climbing gene ? :) I wasn't brave enough to get up there now though....it has been about 13 years after all. I think I was just afraid I would get beat by my 5 year old son.

This was Silas' turn for fun. I think he questioned the fun part. He was eager to get on but when it started moving he was quite concerned. He was fine as long as he was clutching my neck. The farm boy looks a little dazzled and dazed.
We unexpectedly ran into some close friends while we were at the mall. Some friends that we don't get to see very often because of the miles between us, but they are very dear to us. They are the kind of people who you can not see for a year or even years and pick up just where you left off. I treasure her friendship . We are true "kindred spirits" to quote Ann of Green Gables. I love how she cuts to the heart of things, cares deeply and challenges me in my faith and my role in life. We had been planning on getting together with them later in the week but we were thrilled to meet up with them early by surprise. I have been looking forward to meeting her two newest family members. This year they added two more little ones to their own three boys for a grand total of 5 kids. They are now foster parents to a 2 year old boy and a 6 month old girl. They hope to foster adopt someday but are still unsure if these two will become adoptable in the future.
Lots more stories and pictures to come.....we don't get out very often so when we do we like to have lots of fun. :)

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