Update on Silas' arm

This is Silas' pretty new blue cast. After last weeks xrays (we have had to drive to the city each week to get them) they put a face lift on his grubby falling apart gauze wrapped cast. He only needed it for a week because this week it came off.

Sorry to the weak stomachs out there. It was just so wierd looking I told Nathanael , quick get the camera out of my purse! It was both horrifying and fascinating to see the pins that had been hiding under his cast. Getting the cast off was noisy and messy ...and the dr. told him before hand that "its just like mommy's vacuum at home"....he's terrified of the vacuum. Enough said. We came armed with a candy cane though. When Silas saw the pins he was very concerned..to say the least. Can you blame him? I would be horrified to look over and see two pieces of metal sticking out of my arm! It was really gross. They came out pretty quickly. It did hurt him but it didn't seem as bad as I would have imagined. It was all over in seconds.

Here he is with a bandage (there was blood involved) and a candy cane. Notice the grumpy ticked off look on his face...once again can you blame him?

Nathanael grabbed the pins off of the tray on our way out....the dr. just rolled his eyes at him. They make a nice little souvenier of Silas misadventures. We are glad they are over now and that his cast is off. I'm so happy he can now wear his normal clothes and take baths. By the way I have have some sleepers and button up shirts missing the right arm if any one wants them :) He hasn't been using his arm much but it is still bandaged and we weren't home that long before bedtime. I think its still a little tender but I'm hoping he will get used to using it tomorrow. Thankyou to everyone who was praying for him today as we faced the trauma of another drs. visit. He did amazingly well.


Allison said...

Ahhh, my computer won't load the pictures! Anyone else having trouble? It's only the pics from this post that won't load.

Jobina said...

I can't get them either! Man, and I really wanted to see the gory pictures!