More vacation pictures

The best armed 5 year old around. Roman's highlight of Christmas was getting a real Swiss Army knife for Christmas from Grandpa. Daddy took it to the grinder though so its about as sharp as a letter opener. He came to the rescue of everyone opening a present with the offer of him opening it with his knife. What would we do without his resourcefulness. He went back to the mall with Grandpa to buy the holster for it so he will never be without his fancy new knife. I think he is sleeping with it under his pillow at the moment.

Exploring Long Beach Washington with the kids. It was really cold and windy but they loved it!

Dad and the kids going down for a closer look. Dad makes a great anchor.

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Valen said...

The Burlando boys weren't allowed toy guns and Frank got Roman a real knife? Interesting! Good pictures, we made it to Manzanita in November and hit a beautiful day.