Silas is two today...and acting every bit of it!

I was awake at 6.20 this morning trying to keep a crabby tired toddler happy downstairs while everyone else sleeps. 6.20 came awfully early this morning due to being up more than I was down last night. I knew it had the potential of being a rather sleepless night as Silas hasn't been sleeping very well this week. No clue why , just hoping this phase passes quickly. We also picked up a 1 1/2 year old foster baby yesterday. He was up quite a bit too ( about 8 times) just needing some reassurance. I had some compassion for him knowing it is a huge adjustment and the poor guy is probably terrified. I'm hoping the sleep situation improves the longer he is here.

I'll back up a day. Yesterday Aili had an appointment in the city with a ear/nose/ throat specialist. She has been snoring something fierce, she has sleep apnea, she can't breath through her nose and we found out yesterday she can't hear out of one ear at all. The reason. - Her adnoids have grown back! Who would have thought?! She had her tonsils and adnoids removed when she was three due to all the reasons listed above. She had such enormous adnoids and tonsils she could barely breath and couldn't hear much at all. After the surgery she was 100% better but over the past year or so I've noticed it getting worse and worse. Apparently when adnoids are removed incompletely they can grow back. So now we are on a surgery waiting list to get them removed ....again. The wait list is 6 months to a year or more....yes we live in Canada. In the mean time she is tired and not sleeping well, can't breath through her nose and can't hear. We also got Silas some custom fit ear plugs so he can enjoy bathtime and swimming with the rest of the kids without out so much fuss about keeping his ears above water. (He has tubes)...boy my kids sound like wrecks don't they?
Speaking of wrecks we got a phone call from the school while we were at the dr. appointment saying Roman had smooshed his finger in the hinge side of the big metal doors. ouch. We felt so bad that we couldn't go get him. A wonderful lady who works at the school took him to the hospital and it looks like he'll be fine now. He just has a big purple, pinky finger with a nasty finger nail.

After the drs. appointment we went to pick up our new toddler. Our new little chubby cheeked brown eyed boy was there waiting for us. ...looking a little shell shocked . We visited a little with him and then drove him home. We got home around 4 pm so we had a nice evening of playing and bonding. The kids are so excited about having another little guy in the house. Aili has taken over as the self proclaimed favorite. After all she was there to pick him up with us. Actually she is being very helpful watching the little ones. Kade (name altered) was really mellow and snuggly yesterday. He giggled while he played with Silas , it was good to see him smile after quite a few hours of the stone face. We'll see what the day brings today.

Onto other news. Silas turns 2 today. I'm just hoping he takes a good nap , after last night.
He won't be the first kid to be crabby and uncooperative on his second birthday. We are having a low key, family party given the circumstances. Balloons, cake and presents what more does a two year old need? I even searched for "peanut- free facility" icecream. He loves icecream but usually can't have it due to allergies. I need to get started making my eggless cake this morning :) Well I hear another baby awake so I'll post more about the party later. sorry for typos. I have no time to proof read this morning....and my brain is toast.

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Valen said...

Happy birthday, Silas! And yes, they all finally outgrow the sleepless nights...they become teenagers and you can't get them out of bed. =)