New kid in the house

Here is our new foster boy, Kade. I had mentioned in an earlier post that we picked him up on Friday. We have taken almost a year off from any new placements and were waiting until after our trip to WA. to take in any more kids. "Placement" dept of social services has had our phone ringing constantly. There is such an incredible need for foster families, and it seems there are a lot of the 1 and 2 year old age. I almost feel like cracking a joke about totally knowing why there are so many toddlers left in foster care but am refraining myself. Other moms of tantrum throwing fussy toddlers know what I'm talking about. Anyway, we got a call on Wed. asking if we would pick up a 1 1/2 year old girl...turns out he was a boy...yes thats how organized they are. So we are now adjusting to life with two toddlers a 1 year old and a 2 year old. My kids are happy that they have another little guy to dote on. Silas enjoys him too. He is so big for a 1 year old. I'm putting him in size 3 clothes. I'm used to wirey little monkey boys and he is a big squishy teddy bear. He's nice and snuggly but I find I really have to watch how I'm lifting him and cant carry him for long. My back is already complaining.

The adjustment period can be a little rough but so far it isn't too bad. He is really quiet and mellow so far. I am noticing some "issues" typical of foster babies and their unstable and often neglected pasts. I am working on developing a bond with this little boy living in my house. It can be hard at first. The initial affection wears off right about the time they throw their first fit or poop for the first time. Then it takes some effort and time to develop real love for the child. Which is also a little wierd not knowing how long he will be with us.
I am determined not to hold back knowing that I might become "attached" . The only way he will be in my house is if he knows the same love as my own kids...even if it is only for a season....and even if it takes some effort at first. Any less wouldn't be fair to him. I am strong enough to deal with the outcome of the subsequent bonding and inevitable separation. Not that it isn't tough. But for now I am still just trying to figure him out and he is still trying to figure out why he is here.

This is his happy tongue. He smiles with his tongue out and his mouth open...resulting in a lot of drool. He needs some dental work done (rotten teeth at 1....coke in a bottle not recommended by dentists) so I'm hoping that might improve the drool situation. I think his teeth are bothering him too. Other than that he is healthy and we are working on getting his nutrition and iron levels back to where they should be. The thought of putting something like soda in a babies bottle makes me cringe, it made him fat but malurished.

Its a busy house and I'm still just trying to get into a workable routine. We'll see how next week goes. We don't have much planned so it will be a good week to just lay low and get used to each other. Please pray that this adjustment time will go well and that this little guy will start to feel comfortable here.
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Jobina said...

I love your paragraph about becoming attached. I've often thought of becoming a foster parent and went so far as to become a place of safety for one little girl once. I find the parting so hard, but you're right it's not fair to the child not to feel that level of love like a parent has for their own child. I applaud you Carla for sharing your house, your family and most importantly your love with this little guy! (He sure is cute too!)

Shauna Archer said...

Praying for all the things you will need the moment you need them as you love and nurture this sweet little soul. Your heart of service to the least of these speaks deeply about your faithfulness to Jesus. May bundles of joy be yours today amid the apple juice spills and drool covered shirts!