Silas turns two!!

As you can see I was a little lazy with the cake this year, well not so much lazy as unprepared and out of time. He didn't seem to mind that it didn't resemble any of his favorite cartoon characters. It was chocolate and it had candy on it...looked good to him!

Silas is one happy boy! Cake and icecream are both a rare treat in our house, makes them appreciate birthdays :) In fact if I ever do make a cake for no particular reason they always ask who's birthday it is. Kind of sad I know. Don't feel too sorry for them they do get homemade cookies all the time.

Our little table is all filled up with just our family.
Silas really enjoyed his party. You never know with a two year old. I think coming off of Christmas made him really eager and all practiced up for opening presents. As I was tucking him in bed he told me all about it" cake.....presents....cake...icecream...hat."
Needless to say it took a while for him to settle in to sleep.
Aili our resident party planner was hard at work all day making decorations and making balloon clusters to hang from the ceiling. The older she gets the better her party decorating skills get. Soon maybe I'll have her decorate the cakes too.
So now my baby isn't a baby anymore. sigh.
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Jobina said...

Oh,it's so nice to see a kids birthday party that I don't feel like i have to "live up too"! It looks like so much fun...cake, ice cream, balloons, presents...what more could a kid want really?