Baja Bound - day 2 and 3

Since I have fallen so out of date with my travel updates I will try to do a quick overview of Friday and Saturday.
Friday (day three) began at Nephi ,Utah where we had parked for the night at a truck stop. We were on the road bright and early and headed for Boulder City Nevada. This was significant since we had booked an actual rv spot for that night...showers!

We stopped for gas and what should have been a $50 fill up ended up costing us $750. We noticed that our trailer tires were cracking and bulging in weird places. It didn't look good at all. The cheap factory tires just weren't holding up after a couple years of use. We decided having our tires blow up on the middle of the freeway would be much more costly than getting new tires so we pulled out the old credit card and bought new tires. It could have been worse and we were glad to get on the road again. Entertaining 3 kids in a desert drainage ditch while tires were being put on was a feat of parenting endurance and creativity.

We drug our dirty,weary selves into an rv park around supper time and proceeded to scrub down the trailer and the car. We have left the last traces of winter and the road salt it comes with officially behind.
Next came washing clothes and washing kids.

The next day, Saturday, we took the day off of travelling to go tour Hoover Dam. It was something the hubby has always wanted to do so we can now add it to the list of "been there, done that". It was pretty impressive actually. I had a killer headache the whole time and later realized I had skipped my morning cup of coffee. By late morning all I could think about was getting myself to the cafe and gift shop for some overpriced coffee. Pathetic don't you think? I guess as far as addictions go coffee is something I can live with. :)

That afternoon, after an unsuccessful attempt at getting an overtired 2 year old to nap in a trailer , we went to Lake Mead.
It was gorgeous. The temperature was in the 90's Fahrenheit and the water wasn't too cold. I hate cold water! We The water was so clear and the rugged landscape around us was breathtaking.

We feel pretty blessed to be swimming outdoors in October!

Roman spent the whole time exploring and collecting shells on the hot beach practically oblivious to the lake. That is SO Roman ,the treasure hunter. Silas the fish just loved being wet and couldn't get enough of the water. Aili was back and forth between the lake and the shell hunt. At the end of the afternoon we had a big bag of shells to "bring home". Lovely.

I discovered at the end of our "rest day" that hanging out in an rv park (with nothing for kids to do) and vacationing with kids is a whole lot more exhausting than buckling them into the backseat and travelling. I think the fact that we are attempting to live in a trailer that is not yet unpacked or organized and is cluttered up with all sorts of donations and extra stuff made it a test of patience for me. We were all anxious to get back on the road the next day for some recovery time. The fact that we were heading toward Disneyland may have had something to do with it too. :)

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Jobina said...

whatever girl, you look amazing! I wish I could swim outside in October :o( Not that I actually know how to swim...

Brook R. Burlando said...

whatever! You know you look good in that tiny thing you call a suit!! You make it hard not to call you names.

Carla said...

You inspired me with your prego bikini pictures Jobina. :)