Baja Bound- day 2

I'm a little behind on my trip journaling. I finally have access to some really fast wireless. I am sitting in our trailer at a rv park in Anaheim California! I am surrounding by rv's, palm trees....and my sleeping family. I am going to stay up to make use of the internet and get some clothes washed for tomorrow. Disneyland!!

To back -track now....hopefully I remember the last few days its all a blur of bathroom breaks, bad coffee and road signs.

We got up bright and early Thursday morning. Our trailer was 5 degrees when we woke up. Good thing the kids slept in their clothes. As you can tell they are all wearing the same travelling clothes they left home in the day before.
Montana was amazingly beautiful. The kids were in awe as we drove past the Missouri river and the mountains. I heard Aili gasp as she was looking out the window and say quietly "Thankyou God for making all this....and thankyou that I can see it. " That made all the miles so worth it right there. They are going to remember this trip.
We passed into Idaho and made use of one of the many "Rest Stops"....something we very much appreciate about the United States. They know how to accommodate travellers......that and they have really cool paper toilet seat covers.

Since we did such a long day the first day we decided that we could afford a few sight seeing stops along the way. There is very geologically interesting area in Idaho. I can't even remember what the place is called but it is miles of lava rock that is heaved, cracked and creviced. At a rest stop we went on a 3/4 mile walk to get a better look and stretch our legs. The kids were like horses let out of a starting gate.

By afternoon we had passed into Utah. We had a funny moment when we turned off the freeway into a small city. This exit had all the amenities, gas, fast food, Walmart etc. We were travel weary and looking for some good coffee (you can only drink so much gas station coffee).
Nathanael asked the girls behind the counter if there was an espresso stand or a Starbucks nearby (He's a Seattle boy after all). The girls found him amusing apparently because they broke into giggles and told him no. It wasn't until later when we noticed a definite lack of coffee stops that we remembered we were in mormon country.

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We can't drive past Salt Lake city Utah without stopping at Cabela's. The outdoorsman's disneyland. The kids enjoyed the animal displays and looking at all the hunting, fishing and camping gear. Silas is fascinated by polar bears for some strange reason and spent a lot of time staring at the big one on display. We had a great meal there as well. It was a really nice deli style restaurant and it was super cheap. Allergy boy ate soda crackers that came with my tortilla soup.

That evening we pulled into a truck stop...a small step up from a Walmart parking lot. Still no heat, water, or power but the temperature was considerably warmer and the sound of diesel motors idling next to us was soothing.

The kids did great on day two. We logged in 12.5 hours of travel. No car sickness, no potty accidents (which if you aware of the challenge Silas was to potty train this summer you will fully appreciate this small victory), and only one brief crying jag. No , it wasn't me. Silas had about a five minute episode of crying "get me out of here...get me out of here...get me out of here!". Poor guy. Good thing mommy had a bag of tricks, a "fruit snack" was enough to reset the mood.

We did have an incident with the bike rack though. In the Cabela's parking lot Nathanael noticed that it was breaking....actually the trailer was breaking where it was attached. So off came the bikes. We had to do a lot of dis assembly, and rearranging but we managed to fit them in the back of the SUV...which is a miracle in itself! I'm so glad we noticed before we arrived at our destination for the night without our bikes.

Thankyou again for praying for our travels. We have made it to Southern California safe and sound. Wednesday we will be heading south down the Baja of Mexico. Please keep us in your prayers that day as I get nervous just thinking about that curvy, narrow mountain highway....our no car sickness stats might change that day.

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Jobina said...

Wow Carla, what an adventure you guys are on! I got tears in my eyes when I read what Aili said in the truck, "Thank you God that I can see it!" Amen Girl!!!