first snow.

I realized after posting the last batch of pictures they were somewhat deceiving. Notice the tank tops and shorts. We had a record breaking HOT September! It was amazing weather for harvest. A blessing to all the farmers here...a cruel joke to all the kids who started back to school the week summer finally arrived. We finally were able to use our new air conditioner and pull out the shorts...after a summer of fleece sweaters.

A couple weeks ago the weather flipped like a switch. It's been COLD! Winter is officially here. Nasty wind, rain, sleet, and sub freezing temperatures have been our norm lately. Today we had our first dusting of snow. Its not very often that we get green grass and snow in the same picture.
The kids were thrilled that they didn't miss the snow....I was considerable less thrilled.

Here are a list of things I will not miss about winter:
Plugging in my car so it will start in the morning. (digging around in the snow trying to find the extension cord and then attempting to unravel the stiff frozen coils.)
Scraping car windows.
Soggy, snowy wet mittens piled up on the floor.
Toddlers who loose their mittens and freeze their hands.
Driving on snow and ice.
Blizzards...(not the DQ kind)
The kids taking more time to get dressed to play outside than they actually play outside.
That moment you become aware of those tiny hairs inside your nose because the humity in your breath freezes tiny icicles to each one of them. (you totally have them too, you have just never tried to breath in -40 degree air!)
Dry staticky air.
Being cold!

To be fair there are a few things I like about winter:
skiing (which I rarely have time and $ for anyway)
my fireplace
looking out my window at a winter wonderland.
I seem to have run out.
I guess I don't like that much about winter after all.

I'm outta here!
Headed for the cool windy dusty Baja...but at least there isn't any snow!

Its not everyday that you get to see a picture of someones bathroom.
This is the bathroom in our new "house".
The reason I'm sharing it is to show off my husbands handy work.
This rv bathroom came with a very rv-ish tiny mirror cabinet. As such the 'wood' paper was already peeling. The whole thing fell off the wall twice last camping season.

The sink cabinet is original but the upper is my new cabinet. No pealing and lots more space! To fully appreciate his skills you must know that the door/mirror is from the original cabinet (the only real wood involved). The stain matches perfectly.

I'm excited about the shelf space...every inch counts.
When your house is this big.

Here is a tour of my kitchen/ dining room/ living room/ Romans bedroom.
The door at the back is the bathroom and the little bits of brown curtain at the back left are two bunks.
Nathanael also built 8 shelves into existing cupboards making better use of every bit of space. I found woven cloth baskets that fit perfectly on top of the wardrobe. One is my "linen closet" and the other basket is for all Silas' clothes. Today we installed a privacy curtain (sewed by my mom) that goes across the wardrobe to the bunks. Rather important as the kids get older. One of my favorite features of our trailer is that it has a big wrap around dinette instead of the usual four seater bench style. It seats all five of us with room to spare.
If you are wondering where we sleep, I am sitting on my bed to take the picture. We have our own "bedroom" in this trailer! There is a little accordion door that shuts at the foot of our bed. Our last trailer had the kids bunk right above us....wise cracks are running through my head right now but I think I will leave them there.
The couch behind the dinette folds into Romans bed.
And the other two sleep here.

Daddy also made his girl a custom shelf at the foot of her bed to keep her treasures and toys on.
Our big house is getting close to ready for its new temporary inhabitants and our little house is packed and bursting at the seems waiting to hit the road. My husband is convinced that when we try to leave the driveway the hitch will pull right off. I guess we'll find out. :)
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Jobina said...

You are incredible!! The kind of planning and organizing that it takes to fit a family of five into that little space is phenomenal. Kudos to Burley for making everyone's life a little easier with his mad carpentry skills.

Valen and Carol said...

Nice, I love extra storage in small places!! Pat Nathanael on the back for us!

Trench Mommy said...

Wow! What an awesome opportunity you have. I look forward to reading your Mexico adventures! BTW - nice to meet you!

Brook R. Burlando said...

There's totally room for Tress and I to come home with you!!
He can bunk with his cousin Roman and I'll take the table. Problem solved!!!
Looks great, cozy.

Lynnette Kraft said...

So, why are you in the rv? I think I missed something.

I loved your winter description. I personally could totally do without it. I don't have a fire place - bummer - but even if I did, I still wouldn't like winter. Am I pouting or what! hee hee Snow already - you poor thing!

We are having a rather cool week. I'm enjoying the change, but missing the warmth of summer. Oh well - I don't miss the bugs a bit! :)

Have a nice weekend.

A Mom After God's Own Heart said...

Wow, great post. I cannot believe how organized you are....amazing and inspiring:) God bless as you prep for Mexico.

Rebecca M said...


I loved seeing pics of inside the trailer. The new cabinet in the bathroom looks great!

I like how you have personalized the kids' spaces.

Safe travels to y'all!