La Playa

It has been beautifully warm here since our arrival. It will get a lot cooler as winter approaches but we are soaking up the heat for now. The nights are starting to cool already though. North Baja has such drastic temperature changes from one hour to the next.
Check out that sand!
My boys were in exploring heaven.

Last Sunday was visitation day for the kids who have family members that come and visit them. For the kids who don't have visitors it can be a very sad day. I'm sure there are lots of broken little hearts. The staff are encouraged to take these kids out for some fun.
We went with a group of other staff ( and filled our car with extra kids) and went to the beach.
Its called sand dollar beach because it is filled with sand dollars. The kids had a blast collecting them and our yard is now full of these strange little creatures.

We all had a great time playing in the surf. There were permanent smiles stretched accross the faces of all the girls...including my own. It was a beautiful sight.

Nathanael is quickly becoming like an uncle to the kids. They love his playful childlike antics. They just soak it up!

He is working in the construction dept. Renovating and building at the mission will keep him busy. I am mostly "just" a mom and now a homeschool teacher while I'm here. It has been an adjustment since the kids formerly went to public school but we are all figuring it out together. Everything takes a little longer here, just keeping us all in clean clothes is a part time job! :) We help out where we can when needed. As time goes on I may find another niche here but I'm content being a mom to my own kids and a "tia" to the others.

The kids and I are spending our free time getting to know and build relationships with the kids here. Its not something you can measure at the end of the day but it is an important part of what our family does here. We come here to love on some kids who really need some loving.
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