Life at the children's home

Here is our new home. After SO MANY days and miles of lugging this trailer around we were very relieved to finally park it for the winter. The plot was full of dried up thorny weeds when we pulled in so we spent the first afternoon landscaping. The kids took ownership right away and did a majority of the work.

So far Aili's favorite place to be is playing in the "cuna" (nursery) with the babies there. There are a lot of 2-3 year olds there for her to entertain. We can only go hang out there during certain hours of the day though. I had a good baby fix with a 3 month old there. I've been missing "my boys" lately. Maybe its the black hair and big brown eyes of the little ones here that remind me of my former foster babies. It felt good to feed and love up a little one again.

Adjusting to being here has been quicker and easier for Nathanael and I this time because we have been here before and we know a lot of the kids and staff already. It will be more difficult for our kids because they remember very little , if anything about living here. The language barrier will slowly but surely dissolve though ...at least I hope so. We are going to put Aili in the mission school here at the orphanage. She is willing to give it a try and I think immersing her completely will give her a headstart in learning language and building friendships. Roman will continue to school with me in the trailer. I will probably do some homeschooling with Aili still to make sure she is keeping up acedemically. We'll give it a try anyway.

The longer we are here the more accepting and less timid the children are with us. We are frequently bombarded with "abrazos" (hugs). :) Nathanael is poplular with the kids...I think its his playfulness. Male role models and attention is so good for the kids here.

Last night we all joined a bunch of the kids in a sponateous soccer game. It was SO much fun!! I haven't played in ages and it really
helped build comraderie with more of the kids.

This is Roman helping bag up dried peaches in the food distribution building. The ministry we are working with is a childrens home but it does a lot of outreach work in the surrounding community.
For more info on their ministries in Mexico go to
I could describe it all ,but the time is ticking and costing me pesos. I am in town at an internet cafe right now.
Since I can't blog from our trailer I won't be blogging nearly as frequently as I would like. I will try to get to town every week or two though. I've been posting pictures on facebook though (which I can do from our trailer) so if you want to keep up with us that way come find me :)

Its just not the same though. I miss my blogging community! :(

Its probably for the best though since there are far more useful ways for me to spend my time than on the computer.
Hasta luego amigos.

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