I'm back! Well sort of. We have been in Mexico for over a week now and although we do have highspeed internet here the access if very
limited. Everything Blogspot has been blocked (every unmonitered website). Rather frustrating but I understand the need to protect the kids and teens at the childrens home. If I want to blog I have to go into town to an "internet cafe" which is hard to find the time alone to do. I made it here though and after an initial half hour desperately trying to make my own computer work with their wireless I think I finally have a connection. My wonderful hubby dropped me off and took the kids back....hopefully he and Silas are catching a nap. My hubby went out on three fire calls last night. He is on the bomberos y rescate team here (fire and rescue). It will be another crazy night tonight since it is Dia de los Muertos here.

Anyhoo....going backwards...these are a few photos of our 2 days at Disney land. It was great.

Silas LOVES Mickey Mouse and has been waiting for months to see him!

It was a wonderfully exhausting 2 days!!
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Linda said...

It looks like you , and hubby and the kiddos had fun at Disney. I love going to Disneyland in California, and we have also been to Disneyworld in Florida.

Now you are in Mexico! And for 6 months! Wow! I know you will just fall in love with those kids as you help out in the orphanage. And I know that God will bless you for it.

Abundant Blessinbgs!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits