Medieval dinner

We made it to Anaheim on Sunday afternoon and decided to surprise the kids by taking them to a Medieval Times dinner. We had seen a brochure for it and new that it would make an incredible memory for them. Roman has fancied himself a noble knight for years now and he and Silas regularly practice their fencing skills so I knew they would love it. Aili was so nervous when we went it...not knowing what to expect was hard for her. It was cute. I was a little worried about what our over tired, over travelled 2 year old would get out of the evening and I envisioned myself hanging out in the lobby with him while everyone else enjoyed the show. He was mesmerized for the whole 2 hours. He didn't move a muscle. He may not have even blinked.

Silas looking a little shell shocked.
They served us each half a roast chicken, a spare rib, half a potato and garlic bread in courses. The kids weren't sure what to make of the fact that we had no utensils. They caught on quick though.....I told them to just eat the way they like to at home (before I bark at them about their manners )and they'd fit right in. The food was amazing...and I'm not usually that big a carnivore. Even Silas ate an alarming amount of my chicken. It may have been because the serving wench said that it was dragon meat.

The show kept the kids on the edge of their seats. There was a plot, sword fighting, battle scenes (non gory), jousting tournament, and horse shows. The lighting and effects were great.

It was an amazing evening and one that will surely be a highlight of this trip!
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Jobina said...

I went there when I was 17 and LOVED it! Isn't it fun to do stuff like that for your kids every once in a while? I'm sure you'll be hearing about that for a llooonnngg time.

Anonymous said...

I was showing Morgan your pictures and asked her who she saw. She said "be kings" and was pointing at your hats. Then she started singing a song about how we're all kings.
We've been praying for you and will continue to do so. Love you!