Craving Spring

This is what my house looks like most of the time.
I forgot how much mess a toddler makes.  All the big obnoxious toddler toys have been pulled out of storage in an attempt to keep little miss destruction happily entertained.
  We have baby toys, toddler toys, big kid toys, school books, craft stuff, Barbies,  and legos strewn about various locations in our home.  The trick lately is to keep the big kid little toys out of the mouth of our human vacuum.   I've actually seen Miss Cece crawl along the floor slowing down only slightly in order to lick a tasty morsel  up off of the floor.  She's such an efficient floor cleaner she barely even breaks stride.

Only a few months ago I ALWAYS had things tidied up by bed time.  Everyone is expected to clean up their mess.  Unfortunately the biggest mess maker is incapable of tidying up. 
Lately I have actually resorted to kicking a path through the toys on my way to bed.
Justifying that they'll all be out again first thing in the morning anyway.

Because a mom can only survive this sort of mess and noise for so long...
play time moves outside at some point. 
It's still cold.  Really cold.
As you can see we are many weeks,  a lot of puddles and a yard full of mud away from spring tulips.
Oh, green grass how I miss you.

 The snow is beautiful  in it's own way but after several months my eyes crave color. 
My lungs crave fresh air that doesn't make tiny icicles in my nostrils.  
My cracked skin craves humidity.
My mind craves children who play outside for more than 20 minutes at a time.

This is the trailer that we were living in all last winter.
Parked in the Mexican sun.
The trailer that we park at a lake and make summer memories in.

Got hot chocolate? 


Bonnie said...

I can totally relate......I need spring and soon. We are all feeling a bit cooped up lately. It was 5 degrees this morning and it's March!!! Hot Chocolate is about the only thing that keeps us sane and warm!

Marcy said...

I think you just spoke my mind!! Oh how my eyes crave color. It really is crazy making to see white constantly. Ack!! God give us spring. Then my happy (ha hem) husband announces that apparently it's supposed to be the coldest March in history. Thank you for that, dearest. Now go buy me some tickets to somewhere tropical please? So being the kind person I am, I thought I'd share that little nugget with you. It's all over the news (which I never watch) apparently.

Love your pictures. It really does make winter look like a happy time. Nice. Your kids are gorgeous and I love LOVE your mess. I have one just like it here.