Visions of Spring

Today is March 24th.
My calender tells me it is officially Spring.  

My camera and I wanted to share with you the stunning beauty of springtime here on the Canadian prairie.

The lambs are frolicking in the meadows of fresh green.
The wild flowers are blooming on the hills.

Children and animals enjoy the sun on their backs as they once again find freedom in the great outdoors.

Winter coats are exchanged for light sweaters.   Mittens are stored away in the basement.

There are  no lakes of mushy snow and rivers of mud.  There are no snow drifts that block our driveway. 
The cold howling snow storms  have been replaced with gentle spring showers. 
...because I said so.
Being grounded in reality is highly over rated.

 I see  tulips and the daffodils blooming.   Fruit trees blossoming.

The colorless landscape has been  filled with a vibrant new green.

It's springtime in Canada.   Can't you tell?

Happy Spring!


We Are Family said...

This made me laugh!
You sure do have cute kids but you can keep the snow ;)

Chasity said...

Happy Spring! At least the kids are still enjoying the snow.

Amber said...

I really hope your wistful dreams become a reality soon! I love your blog Carla, you do a great job! Great photos, even if they are full of snow....

Penelope said...

So happy that spring is here in Texas. Wildflowers are blooming and it was 85 today.

Brook Burlando said...

Oh my gosh, you crack me up! At first I was confused thinking, I don't see the sun on their backs. Silly me for forgetting your wise snarkiness. Too funny. I had to take a double look at the lamb Silas is holding, was it alive? Didn't look so good or like I envisioned a lamb looking =) That crap weather better leave you guys soon!