Waterslide and Burgers

Our week started out with a spontaneous "family fun day" trip to the City.   My husband, who has a wonderfully flexible job, took the day off of work.  My kids and I took the day off of school work.  We drove 2 hours to the City with our swim suits packed.  
It was a wonderful day.   The weather was sunny, slushy and Spring-ish.
The company was unbeatable.
The destination was sure to provide hours of fun.

We weren't disappointed.
This Daddy's girl  couldn't get enough of the water slide.  She gleefully clapped her way to the top as I lugged her up flights of stairs over and over. 

Being that it was a Monday we basically had the place to ourselves.  
Aili and Roman feel pretty lucky that they have the freedom that they do.  

I love that we have time together as a family.  Especially now that the weather is nicer and we can have little breaks from each other too!

It was nice to get out of our routine and just enjoy each other's company doing something fun.
Sometimes in the monotony of  daily book work, chores, and routines it's easy to forget how much I really like them, as people.  They are some really great little people.  
They make their mama proud. 
I love how Roman always runs up ahead to hold doors open for us and is always eager to help carry bags.
I love how Aili unbuckles her little siblings and then holds onto her little brothers hand as we walk through parking lots.
I love how Silas is becoming a "big kid" and we can make it through a long, tiring day without meltdowns, begging, whining or the like. 
And Cece...I just love that she soaks it all up with a big smile on her face. 
I love how they appreciated every bit of our day.
It made me appreciate them.

Roman was in sensory seekers heaven the whole time.  Couldn't get enough water to the face.

This little one was as brave as could be.  

Making memories.

We all worked up a fierce appetite so off to Fuddrucker's we went.
We don't eat out very much.  Mostly because we live in the middle of no where but also because we must pinch the pennies when it comes to feeding our crew.  We do enjoy a meal out though!
It is a treat for all involved, especially when there is pop involved.

We have been keeping an embarrassing secret but I feel the time has come that I must share it with you.
Our 4 year old has a drinking problem.

We are seeking out treatment options.
I thought his camera pose was funny.  Maybe I have low standards for what amuses me.

Yummers.  The burgers arrive.
Roman beat us all to the finish line.  I think the hubster was the most in love though.


Marcy said...

Looks like an amazing day! My neice works at the Fuddruckers. I don't know if there are more than one in that city, but you just may have seen her...who knows? Although, she does go to school...

Blessed Mom of Four AND More said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog! Your family is precious, and your faith is evident.
Be blessed!