My Mysterious and Beautiful Gift

My handsome boy is growing up so fast.
Although some days it seems not quickly enough. 

Caught between " can I be your baby?"
and "I want to be a teenager!"

Careful, imaginative, and analytical.
Smart and competent.
A timid comedian.
Terrified of everything that a child's imagination can conjure.
A fragile spirit.
Very persistent and very particular.
 Clothes, food, hair, and even socks must be just so

or his little world slips of it's axis.

One of the most wonderful and most difficult parts of parenting is attempting to discover the unique creation that is each of our children. 
My 4 year degree in the School of Silas, leaves me realizing only how little I know.  
My previous 5 years of parenting had very few transfer credits.  

God is unfolding the mysterious gift that is my child.
In the process He is teaching me, again, to pray, to trust and to seek wisdom.
I am learning how to reach my boy's heart.  
I am painstakingly teaching him empathy, honesty, and courage.
He is teaching me patience and humility.

Take note of the open window.  The temperatures soared to 2 degrees Celcius yesterday and the sun made a brief appearance.  I couldn't help but welcome in some fresh spring air.  

Even a few house flies came out of hiding.  Silas was on the hunt.
Sword in hand.

"Mom! There's a bug! A real bug! Don't worry I'll get him."
Thank-you my valiant Bug Slaying Boy.

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