Once upon a time

( My little sister, me in the middle and my twin sister in the lead)
I played with my scanner for the first time today.
It was fun to look through envelopes filled with old photos and reminisce.
It makes a person think.
Thank God for family and friends.
Life flies by.
It is too short of grudges, selfishness or ignorance. 
Life is fragile, brief  and precious.

Four fleecy little girls (me on the left)
30 years ago.
Now each with babies of their own.

So many of my pictures  include me mothering real babies or my dolls.
Foreshadowing I suppose.
It's fun to look back.  

It's strange to see myself at the same age that my kids are now and have such vivid memories of that time.
I guess it's a good reminder as a parent to make the most of these years.

I  used to love to make up my own strange cake recipes and then feed them to my Dad. 
Thanks mom, for letting me experiment in your kitchen.
Thanks Dad for tolerating my masterpieces.  

A little stroll down memory lane put a smile on my face and brightened up this blustery, wintery, "spring" day. 

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La Mama Loca said...

Definitely a fun ting to do!! I found some more pictures in the hope chest...not sure when I'm going to have time to sort through those too!!

Very cute pics! :D

La Mama Loca (aka MM sister!)