I love my girls!
I love how much they love each other.
Watching their unique bond develop makes me smile. 
They absolutely ADORE each other.  Aili is a little mother ( a perkier, sillier version of the big mom) and such a diligent set of extra hands.  I used to joke that I needed two of me in order to get everything done in a day. I may have gotten my wish.  Some days that resemblance is a little disturbing.  She is definitely her own person but I am very much enjoying this stage of our relationship. 
I am so proud of both my girls.
One is my loyal helper and mini-me.   The other keeps us all entertained  with her efforts to be like one of the big kids.  
I didn't know what to expect with their relationship at this point with a 9 year age difference.  Aili isn't usually a baby crazy girl....unlike her mama at that age.  She rarely ever played with baby dolls. She didn't show a whole lot of interest in the useless, squawking newborns, or the barfing drooling infants.   As Cece began to interact more she captured her big sisters attention and heart.  They are inseparable and spend every waking hour together. 
Aili pointed out to me today that when Cece is her age Aili will be 18.  
Our family has changed so much in the last decade.
Thinking about what our family will look like in another 9 years makes me want to laugh, throw up,  and cry at the same time.
Aili will be off on life's adventures somewhere.
Silas will be charging through adolescence.
Cece will be my 9 year old big girl helper.
Roman will be getting his drivers licence.  (if I let him)  YIKES!
Actually beyond those visions I have no idea what our family will look like in 9 years. 
It is fun to think about but it makes me want to treasure this short season all the more.
After all it really doesn't feel that long ago that I was Aili's age doting on my own baby brother.  
Time goes by so fast ...and in reality none of us are promised tomorrow. 
So I will cherish this moment.

Even if this short season includes a LOT of laundry and a lot of dishes.
4 kids makes for a lot of work but there are also 8 extra little hands to help.
 ( the tiny chubby ones are still in training)

Not only does Miss Cece idolize her big sister but adores everything about her Daddy...especially his accessories.
"Dad" and "hat" are still her only two words.  No "mama" yet.  Not for lack of coaxing on my part.

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Nicole said...

So far all of my kids have said daddy first. I hear tell it is easier to say...or maybe that is a myth developed my moms who get shafted! Your girls look fabulous! I love the look in Aili's eyes in the first photo...true love!