A Blissful Day

A sunny Saturday with friends.
What could be sweeter?

{Miss Cece}

One day last week (sorry I'm way behind with my posts) we decided to drive south past San Quintin to a play ground we had heard about. 
The weather was gorgeous.   It was much appreciated after a few days of cool, damp ocean fog.

The kids had a blast playing on the very Mexican play structures and trampoline.   I enjoyed the time soaking up the warm morning sunshine and visiting with friends.

Next door is a restaurant called Baja Gardens.
Beautiful...it was splendid to see grass again.

After lunch we headed for our favorite local beach known to us as Sand Dollar Beach.

The pacific side of North Baja in the winter months is not really warm enough to swim....but we come from hardy polar stock.   Well not me, I might come from hardy stock but I'm a wimp.  I was shivering with the ocean wind even when I was dry.   

The beach is not only covered with Sand Dollars but the sand is made of golden sparkly specks.   That was the first thing Cece noticed when she got out of the van.  "Ooo  sparkles!"

That water is COLD!

Myself and Saul rescuing two little girls from a rogue wave.

This little girl loves the water...even cold, scary, ocean water.

After a few weeks in Baja this was our first time in the ocean.  

Aili has sure grown up this month.  I've noticed such a change in her responsibility level and ability to be a "babysitter".  She is such a great big sister.   She and Cece have such a sweet relationship and they seem to be getting closer all the time.   I've appreciated her help so  much on this trip.

Another thing we love about this beach is the sand dunes.

After a blissful day we took our sandy tired crew back home....
apparently the guy who painted the lines on this road was blissed out too.   Life is good.

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Lynnea said...

Ok such great pictures.
But the crazy road markings made me LOL. And there has to be a life lesson in there somewhere! ;)
FUN times! And a bit jealous of the beach time.....