Later that evening....a Baja circus

Late Sunday afternoon, after a day spent with Carmela, we drove up to where the rest of the kids live.

I got a few snuggles in with baby Carla.  What a doll!  She is so ridiculously cute, and she even let this strange white lady carry her around without freaking out. 

We packed up the kids, minus the two youngest, and Minerva (who was working), and went out to our favorite evening taco place Los Poblanos.

Carna Asada for everyone.   So good.

Then we took our circus to the circus that happened to be in town.   
It was advertising over the loud speaker that it started at 5pm.  We arrived at 5 but waited in the van until the ticket booth opened at 5:45...the show got started around a half an hour later.  We only had to take half the kids to pee in the dark dirt street. 

It was quite a small arena, and dimly lit with a light bulb.   We were escorted to our make-shift bleachers constructed out of 1 x 6 boards tied together with twine.   Sketchy.   I had a death grip on Louisa and Celina the whole time....the gaps between the seats were much wider than my children.  Most of the show was like a 6th grade talent show...minus any talent.  Wowsers.  

At what seemed to be an intermission someone climbed up some scaffolding, unscrewed the lightbulb and then went and lit up the concession stand with it.   We bought some snacks.  The kids loved it.  They laughed at a clown.   They giggled as a monkey road on a donkey.  Then came out the lions.   No kidding.  Three lions.   We all looked toward the exit and squirmed in our seats...I reminded the kids that they didn't need to outrun the lions they only needed to out run Warren (our neighbor who also came to watch the show)...sorry Warren, it's every man for himself when hungry lions come to play. 

Yoni and his leonas were pretty cool...in a terrifying sort of way.  

A knock off Mickey was there too....he walked around.  
It was totally worth 20 pesos.  There were probably about 40 people there.  No wonder they were short on light bulbs and enthusiasm.   They weren't short on skin though....where they lacked in talent they made up for with booty shaking.    I'm still a bit traumatized by the mostly naked very white Tarzan....

After the show we bought some cotton candy to take home to Gabriella.  

It was a fun evening.  A cultural experience for sure.  
...and I only had about 30 new flea bites to show for it.  

{all the pics are off my hubsters phone}

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Marcy P said...

This makes me laugh Carla, because we had a Mexican circus show up in our small town one day. No forewarning, they just showed up. No kidding, they SOLD OUT in our tiny little town. It was amazing how many showed up. Now, they did have a little more talent (it sounds like) than the circus you went to, but it was still pretty hoky. Still, our whole town (almost) was there. LOL