Where the Road Ends...

On our second day in San Felipe we decided to go on a day long excursion south down the coast.   We drove as far as we could on the new highway and then traveled Baja style. 

The scenery was amazing!   The highway south from San Felipe will soon be completed down to Bahia de Los Angeles where it meets up with the main and formerly only highway #1.  Two of our favorite places now connected by one efficient road.   It really is a great little road trip if you enter Mexico at Mexicali and then drive south down the east coast of the penninsula.  The highway south of Mexicali is gorgeous, even divided for quite a distance.  I think with a nice highway this area is really going to open up....right now it's beautifully desolate.  

Heading down past any power lines, or highways.  Just desert....and us.

Construction on a new bridge as the highway stretches further south.  Sketchy work conditions!

After a couple hours of driving we arrived at Gonzaga , which is actually a remote little settlement of some Americans....which explains the attempt at English on the sign.  They haul in water and rely on solar panels to supply their little homes in paradise.  

This is an incredible little lagoon.  

So warm and shallow.  It was like a kiddie pool filled with marine life. 

For science this year we've been studying aquatic life with an Apologia text book.  
What a better field trip to go with our curriculum than this?

The kids played with hermit crabs,  collected snails, and Cece even found a small octopus!

Hello Mr. Crab.

This is how shallow the water was...this wasn't even up to Celina's shoulders.

Silas had a great time making trails on the beach.

It really is a breath taking in it's beauty and isolation.   I suspect since the highway to Bahia San Luis Gonzaga will soon be completed it will become more of a tourist destination....maybe next time we'll have to share the beach with other humans.

Time for lunch at Alfonsina's restaurant. 

The. best. Shrimp. I have ever had.   I'm not even a huge fan of shrimp...but this made me love it.  Cooked to perfection, and ridiculously fresh.  Gourmet....for less than a fast food burger at home. 
I left a pretty large tip because I forgot my purse hanging on the chair.  Thankfully I don't carry around my full of cards, all essential stuff purse with me...but it did contain some extra van keys, some Benadryl, hand sanitizer and I think about $200 pesos.   Oh well.  I have plenty more hand sanitizer.

Between San Felipe and Gonzaga we passed a military check point and another travelling one.  If you travel down here don't let this freak you out.  The first time you get stopped by guys in uniform carrying gigantic weapons it's a bit terrifying...but honestly in all our years of Mexican military checks we've never had anything but extremely cordial, respectful and pleasant interaction with these guys.   We're glad they're out here catching the drug traffickers and keeping these roads safe. 

Driving back up toward San Felipe.  I had to take a picture of this as we passed.  This is where the highway construction guys are staying. 

Pit stop.

Next destination the Puertecito natural hot springs!
...but I'll save that for the next post. 

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Marcy P said...

I love that you can put pics of CeCe on your blog now. She is totally yours to share now!!! Woo Hoo! Oh, and the pictures are amazing. I want to go!