Our Own Little Paradise

After our month long stay in our little rented house on the Pacific side of North Baja, Mex.  we drove back up to Ensenada , over to the East side of the peninsula and back down (there is no highway directly across through the mountains...yet).   We loaded the kids up on anti-car sickness drugs and enjoyed the scenery.  

It was totally worth the drive. 

This is what greeted us at the end of our day of driving through the desert.   
The weather on the other side of the mountains, along the Sea of Cortez is so much warmer than the pacific side.   The glass like water behind the kids is the Sea.  

We rented the same little condo that we did last year, we got a killer deal.     It's fairly small but it was so nice.  It was total luxury to have a dishwasher, a washer that actually cleans, and a clothes dryer.   We had a gigantic King sized bed....and of course a back yard that looks like this for less than what a hotel costs in Saskatoon , Saskatchewan.   

After a dip in the little pool we went out to find some tacos at the nearby town of San Felipe.  It's not quite the "real" Mexico we enjoy, being that it's more of an American hippy town with a touristy flair....but it was still authentic when it came to food.  

By 9am the sun is warm and the tide is low creating a perfect children's playground of shallow tide pools.  

Unlike the Pacific Ocean on the other side of the Baja, the "Sea of Cortez" was pretty warm...the tide pools were like a bath tub.  The sun actually had heat to it, but it wasn't too hot this time of year, just perfect. 

Our little casa is the pink section left of the palm trees.  

Making some incredible family memories. 

Happy place.

This boy is in heaven.   He had the freedom to explore and run back and forth on about a mile of beach....and run he did, from dawn until dusk.   One day he found a washed up gigantic whale rib.

Later in the day we drove into town.
There happened to be a bunch of marching band competitions happening.  It was pretty cool to watch. 

And more food. 

  Sun on my back and fresh Mexican food in my belly.  

Watching the bands play.

Happy summer girl in December.

Tired girl at the end of an amazing day.  
What a better way to end the day than popcorn, and a family curled up on a couch with a free movie.

To be continued: Our day trip exploring further down coast with our Baja van.....  
and Celina's love affair with Santa.  

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