Goodbye Mexico, Hello Canada!

This is a quick post because the trip home is kind of a blur to me right now.   A fuzzy recollection of rest stops, fast food burgers, miles and miles of desert, and sleeping in cheap motels.  

We had a good drive home though.  We drove up through Mexicali and had no troubles at the border this year.  

Then we wound our way up the remote eastern edge of California.
No mans land...you can drive for hours it seems without any signs of life. 
Just when we were cotton pickin' tired of seeing the same dessert scenery...
we saw cotton pickers.
Something probably only a fellow farmer can appreciate.  

We made it home in record time of 3 loooong days.
  The kids traveled great, seasoned professional road trippers. 

The most miserable part was that it was slowly getting colder...and colder...and colder each time we got out of our car.  We had to trade in the flip flops on day two, and pull out the winter coats on day three. 

I don't have a picture of our roads coming through Alberta and Saskatchewan but they were nasty.  Very slick and covered in snow.   It made us feel like really dumb birds flying the wrong direction!

Home sweet home.  Lots of unpacking to do inside the house....and -20 degrees outside. 

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