Forever Mine

We just found out this evening that Miss Cece is forever ours.
She has always felt like ours, but now it's official.  
She came to our home as a  foster baby, and after 2 1/2 years of uncertainty and praying and hoping....the long process is done.  

No one can call me up on the phone and inform me that she is being moved or taken away.  We are hers and she is ours.   There is so much freedom in that, freedom we didn't have as foster parents.  

We expected the final papers to be signed by the judge while we were gone but now that I'm looking at the paper...it's really hitting me.   
She's ours.

Every little girl needs a Daddy that is big and strong and gentle.   A Daddy who will fight for her, protect her, and be all wrapped around her finger.  
She has that.. and now no one can say "you're not actually her Dad...you're just her foster Dad" (a quote by a receptionist at the pediatrics's office)

I am so blessed to get to be her real forever mommy.
My husband is so blessed to get to be her real forever Daddy. 

She is such a gift.   A blessing we didn't earn and don't deserve...but one we are so very thankful for.  

She doesn't know any different.   As long as she can remember she has had a mommy and a daddy.  
She doesn't remember the first traumatic month of her life.  She has no idea what went on behind the scenes to make her ours...or what sorts of devastating situations made our home necessary.   

What she will know is that she is loved as much as any child could possibly be loved.  
She is already so secure in that.   


Soli Deo Gloria,


Canadian Chica said...

Congrats! Such a special and long awaited piece of news! I know it doesn't change much in day to day life, but the long term implications of forever are so valuable and important in her life (and yours!)

Mary said...


Lynnea said...

BEAUTIFUL. Awesome. Such great news. Thankful for all HE has done!
Big Hugs!

We Are Family said...

Praise the Lord!!!!

Patrick and Christina said...

That is wonderful news Carla! Congratulations! Cece has a beautiful smile!

Judy Deaton said...

Hi, I found your blog through Adeye's blog Congratulations! She is a cutie pie! Love that little smile. Blessings on your journey.