One Hot Mama

We pulled up to a tiny little community, wondering if this was the "Puertecitos" we had heard about.   We wound through a few dirt streets until we saw the sign  "hot springs".    We had timed out our day to arrive at Gonzaga during low tide in the morning, and Puertecito hot springs at afternoon high tide.

"Is this it?"  I don't know what I was expecting when I heard hot springs, but this wasn't quite it.  
It was really cool though...or rather really HOT.

We walked down the little paved path with steaming hot water on either side, and the smell of sulfur in the humid air.  We just about lost Silas into a scalding hot pool but I grabbed his hand in time for only one foot to get dipped.  We walked further down to where the hot spring water mixed with the cool ocean water making it safe to soak in.  

It was like a hot tub, but strange how the temperature shifted and changed constantly.  

A completely natural, non regulated, hot spring is very very rare...probably because it's pretty darn dangerous.  Oh goodness, in the states where people sue over hot coffee something like this would never be allowed....which is too bad because slightly dangerous can be quite enjoyable.

This is my kind of swim.  So nice.   I could have stayed in there all day.  

As the tide changed we had to move and eventually it got so hot we had to evacuate completely.   We got a good long soak in the hot mineral water though. 

We were joined by some of the locals.  I was kind of envious of them...it would be pretty fun to have this natural spa in my back yard.  

After our soak in the spa we drove back to the little beach house, made up some bean burritos, watched  a movie, and then went to bed.  

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Gretchen said...

Oh it sounds heavenly...