All wound up!

We are officially done with kids sports for the summer. Does any one else hear the angels singing? No more rushed dinners, driving to town for practices and then rushing to get everyone to bed past bedtime. The kids enjoyed their sports but mom and dad are just glad they are over now. We had both a baseball "wind up" (including a hotdog supper) and a soccer "wind up" this week.

I haven't posted any pictures of Roman playing soccer so here is a glimpse of small town recreation soccer.
Roman is taking his self appointed position of defense seriously here.

The last day they invited the parents to play against the kids. That's me being a good sport and wishing I had shin pads :)
I even let Silas (orange shirt) join in. All season he has been forced to sit on the sidelines. He ran around with the bigger kids and had a blast...even got mowed over a few times. The parents were vastly out numbered in this round of clump ball...I mean soccer...but we held our own. :)

Romans team.

Me looking like a "soccer mom" in my shorts and running shoes. All I need now is a fanny pack to complete this cool look.
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Jobina said...

so where is it?? Break out the fanny pack!