Because kids live here.

Last week one of my blog chums Lynnette had a really funny post about the irritating things kids do and how we react to them. It was hilarious and it sounded just like my house! She challenged us to post our own pictures of things that prove that kids live here.

That very afternoon I snapped three photographs.
A common sight in my washing machine. Rocks and even a Swiss army knife. Maybe I should start checking his pockets....although that sounds a little scary.

That same little boy, about the same time I was doing laundry was busy "digging a trench" . Some good physical work outside is wonderful for an energetic little boy. However, the location was less than ideal. Every lawn needs a trench filled with water don't you think? He had the pleasure of using his dump trucks to fill the holes back in afterwards.

Any guesses?
I have no idea what the story is behind this. I found this on a blanket that had been on the couch for quite some time without me knowing it was there. Possibly days or weeks. After further investigation I discovered it was not chocolate.
Whoop whoop for potty training!....*insert eye roll here*
I think Silas had used the potty without telling me and then went and sat himself back down to watch tv.
A little love gift...its even on a heart. :)

Just a glimpse in one afternoon of the irritating, innocent things kids do that make us crazy.
The sticky finger prints or whole face prints on windows.
The bits and pieces of paper cut up on bedroom floors
The toilet paper roll, unrolled
amateur plumbers trying to figure out if toy cars sink or float
water left on
toilets unflushed
juice spilled
play-doh stuck in carpet
marker on the table.
pee on the carpet
sandy shoes dumped out in the entry way
pickle juice spilled in fridge
Lego's neatly arranged in my pantry

.......ok I'll stop there although I could go on and on.

So many things each day that I have to consciously choose to respond to rather than react to.
In fact I am taking deep breaths just writing that list :)

So many things they do are done in innocence and they just need to be reminded or have explained to them why "we don't carve messages for invading aliens in our door posts".

Some of the things make me laugh. I am consciously trying to see the beauty of childhood in the little inconveniences. (well maybe not the poo)

Occasionally something is done not so much out of innocent childishness as in disobedience and it is dealt with accordingly.
We are in the de-barbarianizing stage with Silas right now.
Its a lot of work but I know that eventually he'll figure out what is expected of him as a "big boy" in civilized society.
It seems multiple times a day he is being disciplined for poor choices or inappropriate reactions.
I remember that stage with the older two...it seemed like it would never end...but it did.
After that its more maintenance, refining....and reminding.

Someday I may even miss rocks in my washing machine, holes to China dug in my lawn, and kleenex box faerie houses strewn about my home....can't say I'll ever miss finding poop on a blanket though.

What did you find today that prove kids live in your house?

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Drahdrah said...

Great post. Yup, I'm sure someday you will miss most of these things, as I will. Definitely not the poop !

Kristin said...

Oh my goodness! I was laughing out loud at the "love gift on the heart"! That is the funniest thing I've ever seen! ha!!

Lynnette Kraft said...

Oh how funny! I can't believe how much was in the washing machine! The rocks look pretty. ;) We find things in Harrison's diapers often - like coins and rocks - not from eating them but from putting them in his diaper. Kids! ha!

Holly said...

That's quite a bit of rocks in your washing machine!

Carla said...

Roman is our resident geologist and treasure hunter. He loves collecting and looking at rocks. He's convinced they are all valuable gems...so they go in his pockets. I actually have a bucket next to my washing machine to collect the rocks and relocate them back to the driveway. Eventually I will launder our whole driveway I'm sure :) There is often coins and other treasures mixed in there too.
My funniest rocks in the pocket story is discovering his swimsuits pockets were full of rocks after swim lessons....no wonder the kid couldn't float!

Susan and Michael said...

Oh how funny. Just today, my three year old son found the scotch tape and put it to good use. We found tape on the toilet, door knobs, sinks, the walls, and completely wrapped around one of the kitchen chairs. It has been a bugger trying to remove all of that tape, and there is no telling where else we will find it :)

Susan Brewer

carrie church said...

I spent time today cleaning the boys rooms...they were with Chris today and I thought it would be a good "morning" chore...well with the sticky things I found under beds, the dozens of robot boxes, endless piles of shredded paper, the scrapbooking materials I didn't know had disappeared and considerable mounds of half-chewed gum - it took all day. Sadly, I am well aware of the fact that tomorrow when they come home, it will all go away in about 5 minutes. But for tonight, I shall look upon those tidy rooms and smile - for one day they will remain tidy and the house will be quieter, and I shall ache for the noise and the clutter.

Jobina said...

Not a day goes by that I don't step on Lego, find a hair pretty abandoned on a table or trip over little shoes in the entrance way. It is VERY obvious that kids live here! I'll never forget though back when Trinity was being potty trained we had friends over. Their little 2 year old boy found what he thought a chocolate covered "something" under our couch. (I was MORTIFIED!!) Only it wasn't chocolate. The sad thing was that he had already eaten it and we could only tell from the smell of his breath. Ew!