What a guy!

I don't often brag about my husband on my blog but since it is Father's day and he is the father of my children its only fitting that he has the honor. :)
He has not only been an involved loving dad to his own 4 children, he has opened his home and his heart to other children as well.
That's a tall order for any man...and my husband has met the challenge and continues to amaze me.

Only a Dad could build a tree house like this! Or at least one this outrageously high (mom's still reeling and asking that he put up more railing ). Now that's a cool Dad.

Always up for some family time...especially if it involves hotdogs, fire and a lake.

Yes, that is my two year old on a homemade zipline. Now that's something a mom would just never think of. One more reason why Dad's are so important. (Before you report us for child endangerment...let me say that my husband is a former resident of WA state where he was a rock climber and part of a search and rescue team...he knows his ropes and knots. He even had an extra safety line).

My kids would live very dull, albeit safe lives if it weren't for their Dad being there to shake things up a bit. He's the first to encourage and cheer them on in what ever they are doing.
He tells them each day how much they are loved and then proves it to them with his actions and priorities. My kids are lucky to have a Dad like him and I'm lucky to have a teammate like him in raising these monkey's.

Happy Father's Day Nathanael.

I have mentioned in past posts how dry it is here right now. My family farms, my husband farms with them and we live in an area where agriculture runs the economy...so without rain...no crops...you can fill in the blanks. This morning it started to pour and pour. We had a great deluge of rain like I haven't seen here in ages maybe years. We have a total of an inch and a half so far (40 mm)! There were a lot of smiling Dad's in church today!
Thank you God for the perfect Father's Day gift! :)
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Jobina said...

I love the zip line and the tree house! My poor scared little Mother's heart wouldn't be able to handle my kids up there though!