Meet the Graduate

This handsome fellow just graduated from Kindergarten. Yep, they celebrate "kindergarten graduation" now. I thought that was kind of weird when we first started back into the school scene but turns out its a lot of fun. Moving from kindergarten into grade one is a big deal after all. :)
In kindergarten they are still "little" in a cute , innocent sort of way. I realized with Aili how fast they start to change and grow up once elementary school really begins. They turn into "big kids" SO fast. I kind of feel like this is the official end to his little boy years. Next come disproportionately large permanent teeth and an expanded knowledge of the world. I enjoy the big kid stage, but something of that adorable innocence is lost with the baby teeth.

Clowning his way through the award service. Shocking, I know.

Graduating Kindergarten class of '09! With nine kids this is considered a really big grade in our school. I told you it was a small school.

Each of the students received a "most likely too" award from their teacher at the ceremony. There was a teacher, paleontologist, politician, computer tech, and scientist. Roman was awarded "most likely to be a song writer". His teacher announced that Roman regularly writes her pages and pages of "music" and performs them in front of the class. I think his "music" is a squiggly lines (the words) and notes (dots with stems) written on pages of paper.
He has had an amazing teacher this year! We are so pleased that he had someone who saw the best in him and taught him in such a fun and creative way.
You never know.....maybe we do have a little composer on our hands.
Guess I'd better look into music lessons.

We wrapped up the evening with a special Roman favorite supper:

BBQ Hamburgers :
homemade whole -wheat buns, farm beef, lettuce (from our garden..yippee its ready!) and tomato

Mexican bean salad :
mixed beans (black, pinto, navy, kidney and garbanzo)
red and orange peppers
cilantro (also from the garden)
green onion (from the garden)
fresh squeezed lime (definately NOT from my garden )
pinch of salt.
a pinch of cumin.
Can you tell I'm excited that my garden is actually producing a little bit now? :)

Thats as close to a recipe as I get. I'm not a very good recipe follower or measurer (exept if I'm baking...then I at least use a recipe as a guide). This is a really yummy, colorful and very nutritious salad that goes along great with a Bar-b-q. I make variations of it all the time.

And for dessert:

Chocolate cake and icecream!!!
Now thats a real treat in this house. I wanted Roman to feel great about his acheivement and I knew having cake and icecream (normally reserved for birthdays) would do it. I was right! :)

I have a great egg free chocolate cake recipe and I bought Chapmans "made in a nut free facility" icecream for the occasion.
I don't do mixes .
If I can make it myself I won't buy it in a box.
I'm wierd that way.

Daddy even brought him home a little gift. I know we are over the top with this...but knowing what a struggle school has been for him we are ok with being over the top ! :)

A microscope!
($9 at the Bargain store)
I'm actually surprised it even works for that price!
The kids have been looking at dirty fingernails, boogers, and leftover oatmeal in the thing all morning.

Maybe I've got a budding scientist on my hands too :)

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Lea said...

Very handsome little guy.


Jobina said...

Congratulations Roman!
Honestly, little boys in ties are just the cutest!

Everyday M.moms said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I cannot wait to be the proud mommy... but my daughter is only 11 months old, right now I´m just working on trying to make a birthday party in our new home in Brazil, it´s quiet a challenge.