A week of sports

Spring has been packed with activity. After a winter of hibernation Aili and Roman both were eager to join some spring sports. Aili chose to play base ball and Roman (who hates base-ball) really wanted to play soccer. So we have had practices three times a week and sometimes an actual game thrown in there too. I realize that most families live like this all the time, running from one event to another, but we usually don't. As much as I appreciate my kids being involve d and learning skills we've usually erred on the side of being home bodies. Having kids in every lesson, sport and activity is not only expensive but time consuming. Its a balance though..I want them to find things they are good at. Playing sports, doing ballet or music lessons are very valuable for learning discipline, commitment, team work etc. but I also hate running ragged. My kids like down time at home....I like them having down time at home too. This last couple weeks have been a bit crazy with all the activity and having an unexpected newborn thrown in the mix! Its been fun to watch the kids though. Silas has been rather upset that he is never included in the sporting activities so he just helps himself then goes and lines up to do warm ups with the team.

Romans first track and field day. This boy loves to run...I think long distance might be his niche someday though. He's like the energizer bunny! Were he lacks in natural speed he makes up for in sheer effort. He had a fun day. It was FREEZING though and I was chasing a two year old (a disgruntled angry one at that...why is this kid never included in the big kid races?) so they had a lot more fun than I did. I was grumpy and cold the whole time actually and missed most of the events because of the above stated reason. Good times.

Fly Aili fly. Nice form. If you ever want a good laugh watch elementary kids try to do highjump!

And were back to Silas trying to join Aili in outfield...ready with his batting helmet of course.
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Jobina said...

I'm with you on the "not wanting to run ragged, let's have some time together at home" part. We've never put our kids in lessons of any kind. This summer is going to be a first with Riker taking swimming lessons at the YMCA. We'll see how it goes.