Meet my Dad

I wanted to do another Father's Day post honoring my own father. This is my Dad. What a handsome guy.
He is a quiet man of strength , faith and perseverance.
He is an avid adventure racer, marathon runner and canoer or is that canoeist...someone who paddles in a canoe. He is always looking for the next big challenge. He has in recent years done the Yukon quest canoe race twice and has also canoed the Churchill river in Northern Saskatchewan.

He has farmed his whole life as his father and grandfather did before him. He works hard, loves the land and watches the clouds. His job is not only a job but a part of who he is. It is not the only thing that he is though.

He is the father of five grown children. Here he is at his birthday party with 4 of his 8 grandkids.
From my Dad I learned
to work hard
to not be afraid of challenges that seem to big for us
to persevere when things get tough
.... and to operate large machinery. :)

This is my second Dad. I have been blessed with two Dads one for 31 years and the other for 13. This is my husbands father.
We don't see them very often because they live 1000 miles away but
he has been a very thoughtful and caring Dad to me. He has always welcomed me and loved me like a daughter.

He's always up for a donut and a cup of coffee....he and Roman have that in common.

From him I have learned the value of
acts of kindness
overcoming difficult circumstances
....and ice cubes in water. :)

Happy Fathers Day!!
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