Summer is here!

Just a short post....no really it is. At least that's what I'm intending it to be :)

For 7 months out of the year we are frozen white tundra..for another couple of those we are brown and barren. So for the next few months I am basking in colour , warmth and life.

Lilacs are my favorite flower!
My bushes finally produced a whole whack of lilacs this year. I'm sad they are about done their blooming. I love that smell.
I would fill my house with them but my husband whines that they make his eyes burn and his nose run. What a baby...dumb allergies.

My garden is growing great this year despite the cool dry spring. My wonderful, non whiny, husband hauled me in a big load of composted cattle manure (about 10 years old). One of the perks of having a farmer for a husband. Free cow poop! My plants are loving it.

These are some chives getting soaked with the soaker hose.

Keep in mind I don't claim to be a photographer. I have a simple point and shoot camera....I'm easy that way. I was out one evening sitting by my garden watching it grow when I had the sudden urge to take pictures of my little baby plants. That's not weird at all is it?

Bean plants that survived many frosty nights last month. A few suffered but I was amazed at how tough they are.

Some Swiss chard and spinach getting friendly. I planted them in separate rows but somehow they found their way to each other...either that or my helper spilled the seeds.

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