3 more weeks!!

In only 3 weeks we will be loading up our family and driving down to Baja Mexico. We are getting excited about the trip but have been so busy with harvest that we haven't had too much time to think about it.
I've already started packing and organizing our new home. A 30ft camping trailer. It will be cozy to say the least :)
I went to a "bag sale" at the local 2nd hand store and came out with a garbage bag sized bag full of children's fleece sweaters, jackets,and warm baby sleepers. I am excited with my stash and it only cost me $9 total!! Yay! There are even a few really cute Old Navy fleeces that look like new. We also have sorted out of our own drawers and toy bins boxes of stuff to take down to donate. I was worried that we would not be able to fit everything...and everyone into our trailer. After packing this morning I am surprised at how much I can fit in the underneath compartment. That is encouraging.

These are a few pictures of the last time we were down there as a family in the winter of '05/'06. We only had an 18 ft trailer last time but since we have one more family member ...and a lot more home school school supplies we needed an upgrade.

It seems like there is a lot more to do and many more loose ends to tie up before we go. Yikes. I'm back out working in the fields again lately so it will have to wait. There will be time once the wheat is in the bins.

I wanted to let you all know, all my loyal lurkers and blog land friends, just how much I appreciate you. I feel bad sometimes that I am not able to visit and comment on more sites more often. We STILL have dial up and it takes a very very long time to pull up some of the blog pages. I click on a page and then go do dishes or shower or something and come back to it. It ties up my phone line. Those people who try to reach me on my land line are all too aware that it is always busy :) (hint: try my cell)
It is worth the wait though to keep up with your lives and families. I just don't get there as often as I would like to.

When I started blogging a year ago I began almost by accident. Just fooling around seeing if it would even work...and the rest is history. Its been fun and so encouraging to be a part of such a big community. As we share our lives openly someone else will always be able to relate or find encouragement from it. I have found both through the blogs of others.
I have found so many mature Christian women and moms that I would never have normally met. I have learned and grown so much by reading about what God is doing in your lives. Thankyou for that. To my readers I have been so encouraged by your comments over the year. They are my happy thoughts :) Thankyou.

As we are about to embark on this new journey as a family I am struggling right now with some discouragement. As sisters (and even brothers) in Christ I ask if you could pray for our family as we prepare to leave. It feels as if we are in a bit of a tailspin lately and no area of our lives have been untouched. Relationally we have struggled this past month. In our marriage and in parenting our kids. We've hit some rough waters lately. In our health we have had an unusual and somewhat odd array of illness and infections in the last few weeks. Silas' allergies have been worse and he is developing new ones. Aili's recovery from surgery has been slow and is now complicated by a cold. Not exactly what we had hoped for. She is also battling and hopefully recovering from another infection. Financially ....well you know how that goes. Just when we think we've got enough saved for the trip.... a kid needs to go to the dentist and the car needs to get repaired. We have seen God's provision though and trust that He will get us there (and hopefully back too )

All this has accumulated and is shaking my confidence in my ability to keep my family safe, healthy and emotionally strong during our travels and adaption to life in a different culture. I remember from the last time that we are much more prone to illness down there. I suspect in part because of our lack of immunity to the slightly different varieties of viruses . A big factor down there is also the fine dessert dust that gets everywhere...including our lungs and sinuses. We were very fortunate last time to have absolutely no tummy troubles and considering all the taco stands we ate at...that is a miracle in itself.

I had hoped to have us all healthy and well nourished, to have our immune systems strong and ready to face a winter on the Baja. I am feeling very humbled and even worried that we are starting out already battling random health issues.

My confidence is shaken in my ability to keep my family healthy but my confidence is not shaken in God's. In our weakness He is strong. He is our refuge and strength an ever present help in trouble. I would be so grateful to have someone somewhere intercede on our behalf. Thankyou SO much.

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amber said...

Praying for you and your family, for health and strength, for protection, and for peace, that you are in His will and doing His work as you prepare to be His hands and feet to the Mexican people. He will be with you as you prepare, travel and minister in the Baja. We will pray without ceasing. Stay strong in Him Carla.

Rebecca M said...

We will pray! I'm starting up our old habit of pulling a family's name out of a little bowl on our kitchen table and the Burlandos are going in it!
What's your internet access like in Baja?

Jobina said...

Oh man, I feel for you! I found it so stressful and hard on our marriage and our parenting when we moved, never mind your busy farm plus trying to pack your lives into a little trailer and head to another country plus allergies and recovery! ACK!
I'll be praying for you!

Lynette said...

I'll be adding my prayers to those above-Psalm 20 will be my battle cry for you and your family as you prepare for and set out on your mission!

Angela said...

praying...may His peace fill your heart and mind...