Update and Thankyou!

A quick update on my last post. Aili's fever broke yesterday and she rapidly started feeling better from there. Today she was back to her normally perky self. She had been getting progressively worse all week (her surgery was Tues.) and towards the end of the week was basically spending the day laying on the couch, running a fever (although not high enough to justify a hospital trip), miserable and not eating. I am so glad I didn't end up having to take her back in to see the dr or put her on antibiotics. Thank you to all of you who were praying for her!! She has also been battling a strange skin infection this past week unrelated to the surgery...just cruddy timing (it is now healing nicely after several days of being treated with prescription topical antibiotics). I can add to my mommy resume "wound care specialist now". Her little immune system was having trouble keeping up I think. Added to that recent travel vaccinations and surgery and I think it made the perfect little storm...and made my nerves a bit ragged.

We are also done with harvest for the year! I was expecting it to take longer but we put in some long days and got it all done. :) My Dad's grain is in the bins and I got some nice seasonal work to add to the travel fund. I enjoyed being part of the farm work on the farm that I grew up on. Being a farm hand is fun for a little while ;) I will now be home catching up on my neglected blog friends....ahem...I mean housework and getting ready for the trip.

Thank you again for your encouraging words and your prayers!

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