more Burlando Family pictures

Me and my girl. The last portrait of just the two of us was taken when she was 6 weeks old!

My family of perfect angels. I am certainly glad I didn't have to distract little Silas from wailing and covering his eyes by telling him to throw rose hips at the camera. That would be outrageous. I am also glad I didn't have to resort to bribery and out right lies. Ridiculous things like telling your child to "look at the camera because a monkey is going to fly out of it "certainly has no place in a proper photo shoot with children as perfect as mine.

I look forward to a day when we have a family picture without tears and fingers in noses.

But the trade off would be having no little cuties like this.
I guess we can put up with him...seeing as he's so darn cute.

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Jobina said...

Nice pics Carla!
Of course, no mother would ever resort to bribery or lies for the sake of a good family picture! Never! :oP