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More pool pictures. :) We are actually having a real weekend right now... in the middle of harvest time! We are done harvesting lentils and it will be a couple weeks until the wheat is ready. It doesn't usually work out that we have half time break in between crops. We gave'er hard for a couple weeks and now I have some time to re-group at home before we go again.
Silas is OK being the half-time show.

The weather has been HOT the last couple weeks which has been great for getting the crops dried out....my garden and yard are pretty much toasted right now (being sorely neglected). In fact I have given whats left of my garden over to the hoards of grasshoppers that have moved in.

We spent some time at a neighbors pool this afternoon....yay for generous neighbors with pools!
Silas LOVES the water! What a fish. He even has built in flippers ;)

Silas and his Daddy making parents everywhere gasp and twitch.

My Romeo. We celebrated the end to a LONG first week of school with a surprise party (pizza, popcorn and old school starwars trilogy). The kids have never seen them and I had only seen the first one...as a child, so it was a fun movie watching weekend. Snuggling up as a family watching movies was just what we needed. The light sabers just made it extra special :)
Roman has had a bit of a hard time adjusting to school everyday. Getting back into the groove of things after a summer of climbing trees and building forts is going to be a bit of a challenge I think.
After watching him burst into tears 4 out of 5 mornings last week, I am hoping that this coming week will be easier. It will only be a 4 day week anyway.
He is in "Room 1" (there are 2 rooms total for grades k-6). They have k-3 in the same classroom right now and although the small country school has SO many benefits I think the distraction factor is going to be an issue for this guy.
I think homeschooling him this winter will be a good thing. I'm psyching myself up for the challenge.
We are starting them out in school this fall and will home school (with mainly the schools curriculum) for our 6 month stay in Mexico.
I know it will be difficult at times to keep on task (and to have patience) but I think that working his schooling around the way a busy little boy is wired (instead of trying to cram him into something he wasn't made for ) will benefit him and promote more enjoyment of learning.

Our trip will be an adventure and a huge learning experience for all the kids. Only about a month left!!!

Check out the lashes on this boy. You have to look closely to really see how long they are...they are freaky long. He is so used to people gasping and commenting on his gorgeous lashes that he just replies "I know" and gets embarrassed. I remind him he should say thank you but to him I don't think its really a compliment. They'll drive the girls crazy someday though :)

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Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

What cute pictures....and your blog header is great.

Hope you will stop by and visit my new Christmas blog. There is a great giveaway this week.

Christy said...

My son Cole really struggled with the transition to Grade 1 too. Hoping Roman gets in the swing of things soon.

Christy said...
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