In this together

Here are a few more of my family photo session pictures. I think this will be the last of them...maybe. :)
This is one of the few pictures of us together. A picture with two serious looking boys was better than hands over the eyes and fingers up the nose. We'll take what we can get. :)

I like this pictures because it just shows their personalities so well. The two of them laughing and being goofy for the camera.

Mini-me and her mama. :)

I am SO blessed!

This is a short post...really!! I've got to get back to cleaning/de-cluttering and clearing out this house (and packing the trailer.) Its a big job to move from 2000 square feet into about 200! We will probably have house-sitters while we are away so I want to leave our house thoroughly cleaned and make room for their things. I am looking at my crusty stove burners, hand smudged walls and chaotic laundry room in a whole new way! Oh the embarrassment of crumbs in kitchen drawers. It feels good to have a good start on it though and goodness knows it all needed to be done anyway. I'm trying to utilize my time better....meaning less time on the computer. :( I'll be back soon though....ROAD TRIP!!! (35 hours of driving with 3 kids should make for a few interesting blog posts) :)
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Brook Rae said…
Love the pictures.
I want some.
Give me some please please please?
Fran said…
Makalia and I love your photos! We will be praying for you as you work in Mexico :) Looking forward to updates as time allows :)

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