Aili 's pictures...third attempt

p.s my internet sucks and is getting worse by the day! In two weeks we will be on our way to Mexico and I'm sure that I will be able to find highspeed along the way and the funny thing is I will also have a better connection in Mexico....as far as I know. I can take deep breaths and keep from taking a bat to my computer until then....only a little longer. :)

I was just sitting here waiting for these pictures to post and I came accross something that Aili wrote. She loves writing stories, journals, notes to her family, poems anything.
This is her first attempt at writing a song:
Vers 1:
I was bord sittin in my room and then I new jest what to do.
I looked up a Bible verse.
I looked up an awsome one.
It said you are like the light for the world. A city built on top of a hill cannot be hidden.
You are the light of the world
and anytime I walk and any time I see that you've done that for me, for me.
vers 2: In the dark I'm not afrad because I know I'm not a lon.
Your here when I see the light shining threw.
In the dark nes I'm not afrad
because you show me the way.Posted by Picasa
I left it unedited for your amusement. :) What a cute glimpse into her heart and her new writing skills. Although I think her grammer and spelling isn't far behind mine!


Jobina said...

love the pictures and the song! What a beautiful dress on her, nice full skirt. She's looks like a princess!

A Mom After God's Own Heart said...

Beautiful! I sent you a blog award!