Aili Sola

Last but not least. Here are some more pictures from our photo session with my cousin...cuz I know you just haven't had enough of the Burlando family yet.

Unlike her youngest brother...this one loves the camera.

A contemplative pose. Probably contemplating how she got stuck in a family with two little brothers.

Aili is looking forward to and asking lots of questions about our upcoming trip. That makes leaving home a lot easier for all of us. I was initially worried that the kids would be upset leaving so much of what they know behind. We would have worked through it but it would cause a lot more stress and heartache. I'm so pleased that they are just as excited as we are to see what God has around the corner.
Aili already packed her toys to take along. They are each allowed a large shoe box size container. It was enough for a few barbies and some other teeny toys ( petshop animals and polly pockets.) Roman has a box of bionicles and some legos thrown in. Silas has some action figures ,matchbox cars, trucks and tractors.
When you're moving an entire family into a 30ft camping trailer you have to be selective. The toys are good icebreakers with other kids though as they share and invite others to come play with them.

Along with the kids boxes of toys we have a big rubber made container packed away with toys to give to kids there. We are filling up that trailer quick. I am a little concerned with the weight we will be pulling. We will be a lot lighter coming home next spring but we have to get down there without blowing a transmission or breaking an axle. As I put things in the trailer I am also making room for them by bringing things back in. As we reach max capacity I am going over each item I have already packed ,removing some of the less essential items.

Since this is a post featuring Aili.....I have a little prayer request for her. (She is totally recovered and healthy right now..yay!)
My concern and prayer for her is that she would be able to find a special friend or two while we are in Mexico. She is so very social and meaningful friendships are SO important to her. Having done this before we realize that she has a lot going against her in her quest for friendship in Mexico. The language barrier (initially at least) will be a struggle for her. She will be the new girl in a group of kids who are often suspicious and slow to trust newcomers. She will be the "white girl" in a crowd of kids with black hair and tanned faces. Kid are kids anywhere you go. The one who's different and new is usually the one who has the most to overcome socially.
It seems like a small concern but I know God cares about even the smallest details of our lives.
Please pray with me that he would provide a loyal friend for Aili.


Amber said...

We'll be thinking about you guys and praying for all of you (but a special prayer will go up for Aili.) Too bad we are not still there for Aili and Amiya to rekindle their friendship. It is neat for Amiya to get to see what you guys are up to through the blog. Wish we were in Mexico too. Best wishes!

Jobina said...

I can't seem to see the pics...is it just me?

Anonymous said...

I can't see them either!!!

Anonymous said...

I also can't seem to figure out how to leave my name....this is Brook Burlando here =)