Photo shoot Silas style

Here are some more of the pictures that my cousin took for us. Aren't they fun?
She managed to get a few happy pictures of Silas when he least suspected it.
The good thing about moody two year olds is that they can go from grumpy and crying to laughing hysterically within minutes.

I think he was being chased by a daddy monster.

Just throwing rocks in the river...minding his own business....*CLICK*

This was Silas' preferred pose throughout most of the photo shoot.
What a stinker. He's never been a big fan of cameras.

I've noticed a change in him over the last week or so. I think having this port-harvest/ pre-Mexico time alone at home with him is a good thing. Life is pretty relaxed for him and I right now. I don't remember the last time I was alone during the day with only one child! Between my own kids, babysitting and foster babies...its usually a full house. I must say I am enjoying my "break". We've had lots of time for reading books, going for long bike rides (Silas in the old bike trailer), strolling down to get the mail, .....I even jumped on the trampoline with him the other day (Well actually we mostly ran around in circles chasing each other). What a work out!
The compliant, sweet, silly Silas that we know and love has made a return appearance. I was starting to wonder if he was gone for good. Fingers crossed that he will stick around .... at least for a while.

We are even making progress in the potty training department. Its been a LONG road this time around. I am SO hoping (and even praying) that he will "get it" before we leave on our trip. We've been living in quasi potty trained limbo for 7 months now....and its taking its toll on my nerves....and my carpet.
The last couple days I am seeing a very subtle change for the better and he is starting to take his own initiative (finally!). My fingers are crossed and my breath is held. I'm internally chanting the mantra ..no more poop, no more poop.......

I'm also hoping we are on the tail end of those "terrible twos" that for my kids seems to hit the hardest between 1 1/2 -2 1/2. With Silas he was a compliant little angel baby right until his second birthday...then WHAMO....it hit.

It's SO nice when they reach that age of reason (at least a little bit) and can better understand life. Having a better vocabulary helps with the frustration too I think.
He is getting so tall and even starting to fill out a little. He is just one of the boys now. He and Roman (who is 3 1/2 years older) wrestle like little puppies constantly. I'm glad that they both have a brother. I was watching them play yesterday and it actually choked me up a little (usually it just hurts my ears and I tell them to take it outside). I so rarely think of my other son but for some reason I couldn't help but picture a big 9 year old boy in the mix. Its so funny to watch Silas copy every thing his big brother does. He idolizes him like crazy. I can picture what it would have been like for Roman to have a big brother.

On a totally different subject. Some of Silas' usual sayings (funny because he seems too young to be saying them....you can tell he has older siblings) right now are:

" I din mean too"
"Dat not fair!"
"It not my fawt (Its not my fault...said in totally random situations with big inncocent eyes)
"I horny" (I'm hungry)
"What dat for?"
"I boring"
"WHY?" (yep we just reached that stage)
I realize that these are not nearly as cute to readers who can't also see the ridiculous expressions and hear the inflection in his voice. I've found with the older kids that if I don't write some of these things down....which I typically don't I forget them. The things I have written down that they used to say when they were just starting to really talk I really appreciate. I always forget these things and when I go back and read them I can immediately hear the exact little speech impediment voices.

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