Last night I was listening to our satellite radio and a song came on that was beautiful. The last couple weeks have been difficult in ways that have nothing to do with our being in Mexico. We love our life here. Life is still messy though and being far away from those we love doesn't always make it easier. Sometimes seemingly hopeless situations get us distracted and discouraged. I have felt a lot of that this past couple weeks. Sometimes it feels like we are facing chaos and confusion that is just too big for us. Heartache is unavoidable in this life. I felt led a couple days ago to start reading the Psalms , a beautiful book of poetry written by the ancient king of Isreael, David.
I love how he cries out so honestly to God expressing his confusion and his fears. He cries out to God for rescue, vindication and for relief. My heart is also crying out for deliverance and rescue for me and for loved ones. God sized problems require God sized deliverance. I know he hears our prayers and sees our pain. There is no confusion with God, there are no surprises. Our circumstances don't shock him. He knows. He will come. Not always the way we expect but he will come. Always.

The song is by Building 429 and is called "Always". I looked up the song on youtube and found the video. Talk about a tear jerker! I'm not usually a crier, but it had me blubbering like a fool. Maybe part of it was that the boy they used in the story looks just like my almost 3 year old...I'll blame the rest of the tears on hormones and stress and the fact that it is a beautiful video.

I am trying to link it up here because the song is just so touching and such a good reminder to us of where God is when we are going through chaos in our lives.

I don't have much time to play around and figure out how to bring it up on my blog but I attached it so if you click below it should take you there...

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