Baja 1000

This friday, other than attending Mexican festivities, Roman and his dad set out in search of the Baja 1000 route. They camped out at the pit stop at Santa Marta for a few hours.
They didn't stick around long enough for the cars to pass by but watched the speed demon motorcylcists racing. They weren't dressed nearly warm enough and poor Roman froze. Bad mommy. I should know better, just because its 25 degrees celcius when they leave at 3 doesn't mean they won't freeze their tails off by 5. It dropped nearly 20 degrees. Thats the Baja for you.
Roman had a blast though!
I just realized reading over my last paragraph what a woman I am. My take on the evening of cars, motorcycles and burning rubber was....my poor boy got cold. Oh well I'm a mom....its seared into who I am, why fight it?

Roman was given the royal treatment by the racers waiting for their turn to drive and the pit crews there. One motorcylist was especially kind and let Roman join his pit crew.

He even let Roman wear his pit crew jacket and use a light stick to wave in the ridersf brother who was going to switch off with him.
My boy felt pretty important.
This guy is one of the top Baja 1000 racers. What a genuinely nice guy!

Don't get any ideas Roman! I know how fast and dangerous that race is.

One of the pit crews.
All around the crews were Mexican fans camped out around bonfires and of course lots of grills cooking up things like goat tacos.

The boys passed on that delicacy, but they had a great time and came home with tons of stories I'm sure they'll be telling for years.
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