Some Baja scenery.

It's been a couple weeks since I have been able to return to my favorite internet spot for some quality alone time. Just me , my latte and my computer.
Since I last updated we are all much healthier. Nathanael (the hubby) got really sick that next week and spent most of the the week in bed with a high fever and nasty cough. It was a good two weeks of flu for us. However, last week were all feeling better and very much enoying being back at life here. Last week was a really good week here, not because of any one thing in particular but because we weren't taking anything for granted.

This is just some cactus pictures I took while we were out on a Sunday afternoon drive exploring some back roads.
Pretty exciting stuff , I know.
It gives you an idea of the terrain here though.
It is very dry right now, as you can see they could use a good rain.
Those cactus survive somehow though. When the plants around them are all literally turning to dust they are standing tall and proud. Ok, maybe saying a cactus looks proud is a bit of an exageration....or is that personification?
If I were to give it human qualities I would say it is a proud, tenatacious survivor in the harshest conditions. Although these kinds of cactus can survive on the rock alone they are actually very fragile.

I though this cactus was really cool. Especially the location. I can't help but wonder how old it would be.
Most of the other cactus around here are small and flat like nopales (that are actually good to eat) or what we like to call spagetti cactus because they are grow in big long curly bunches. Silas has had his share of run ins with various species of cactus. The worst is the kind that look absolutley harmelss, even pretty, but you get too close and you find your little hands full of hair sized pokers. They pack quite a sting and are very hard to remove because they are so hard to see.

Sometimes we find beauty here in the most unexpected places. If someone has taken care to provide water the sunshine of the Baja will grow many kinds of exotic fruits and flowers. Just when we thought we would see nothing but rock and dust on our excursion we would turn a corner and find a gorgeous oasis of green.
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