Brownies and a really cool fort

We were finally able to have Minerva (the girl we now sponser) over to our trailer to make some brownies. It was the first time her and her brother had been to our home. I think she enjoyed it. We all enjoyed the end result. The kids were excited to surprise "Tio" (Uncle) with them.

I think I may have mentioned or showed pictures of the kids "tire fort" . They now have a new and improved fort in the same location thanks to some other girls who came to help. They scrounged through the "junk piles " behind the warehouse where all sorts of treasures have been discarded after the recent demolition of the daycare and renovation of several casas.
This is the office of course. Now you know why I enjoy the coffee shop in town. Just kidding this isn't my computer. :)
Every good childhood fort now needs a computer...a sign of the times.

And a puppet theatre is a must.

I have no idea where this thing came from origionally but what a find. They have it propped up on some tires and an old grate.
They explained the tires underneath make it "giddy-up". As you can imagine each one of their attractions and tires are coated in a layer of Baja dirt.
Their imaginations are working overtime though.
Good filthy fun!
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